François Dufrêne
Paris, France, 1930
Paris, France, 1982
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Born in 1930 in Paris. François Dufrêne does not study art, instead he is interested in poetry. In 1946 he joins Isidore Isou's Lettrisme (1946-1953). In 1952 he makes the imaginary movie, with no screen or film: Tambours du Jugement premier. In 1953, seeking a further deconstruction of language, he creates the Ultra-lettrisme and begins giving recitals, Crirythmes (sonorous improvisations that constitute his personal interpretation of concrete music-poetry). In 1960 he becomes a cofounder of the Nouveau Réalisme group. His first individual exhibition takes place in 1963. François Dufrêne dies in Paris in 1982.
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