Enrique del Castillo
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Enrique del Castillo studied music at the Ramón Garay Conservatoire for ten years and Fine Arts at the universities of Granada, Barcelona and Halle-Saale. Since 2007, he has combined the two disciplines and been interested in experimental music, with projects such as Las barbas indómitas and Oniropompo. In 2016 he won first prize at the Preventive Music competition, and in 2020 he was awarded the first international PowSOLO sound art prize. He has received scholarships for the development of experimental sound projects in Bilbaoarte in 2018 and in the Centro de Promoción Contemporánea de Andalucia C3A in 2019. He took part in the exhibition The Garden of Earthly Delights, held at Matadero, Madrid, until February 2022, with the kinetic sound sculpture Umbráfono II. He has also featured in exhibitions at Musée Transitoire in Geneva, and at Santa Mònica, Barcelona. His performances have been presented at the gala of the Festival of Young Filmmakers in Granada, the Catacumba Film Festival in Valencia and the Fancine. Fantastic Film Festival in Málaga. He has worked with experimental filmmakers such as Miguel A. Puertas, developing pieces of expanded film and experimental cinema since 2010 (Noctiluca, Onirokino). More information:
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