Ana Domínguez
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Ana Domínguez is a graphic designer and art director. She has worked across editorial, digital, product and exhibition design and on corporate identities and projects for fashion houses, artists and art institutions. Her approach often has an emphasis on studio-based photography. Influenced by Irving Penn’s photographs of food and Fischli & Weiss’s 1984 series Equilibres / Quiet Afternoon, in 2009 Domínguez conceived a series of still lifes for Apartamento interiors magazine with Omar Sosa and Nacho Alegre. Precariously balanced arrangements of everyday objects or foodstuffs were photographed against a simple backdrop: stacks of bread, towers of plastic bags or conglomerations of potatoes. This playful take on the shop window evolved to incorporate the human form. In the case of a shoot for the September 2018 issue of Vogue Spain, this figure was Spanish singer Rosalía. With art direction by Domínguez and photography by Camila Falquez, the Flamenco pop star became another striking compositional element, whether standing astride a column or perched atop a stack of tyres. Ana Domínguez graduated from EINA, Barcelona, in 2005. She founded her own studio in 2011 and previously worked with Astrid Stavro and Bisdixit. Her work includes a campaign for Vitra Design Museum (2018), a catalogue for Burberry (2017), the graphic identity for HGK FHNW Art Institute (2018), the identity of publisher Terranova (2014), the visual identity for Catalonia in Venice: Singularity (2015) and the AW Shop Windows for Hermès (2019–2020). Domínguez has contributed to Apartamento magazine since its launch in 2008. More information:
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