ZA! visit Art & Language

ZA! visit Art & Language

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ZA! visita Art & Language. Foto: Jordi Castells

While, between 1975 and 1976, it was the group The Red Crayola that converted into rock’n’roll the slogans of Art & Language in order to push the boundaries of form, grammar and meaning of text, in 2015, in Barcelona, who better than ZA! to transgress the limits of a language that is transformed through loops and repetitions, and bring us closer to an exhibition that does not have a single reading.

ZA! consist of Papa Dupau (guitar, sampler, trumpet, vocals) and Spazzfrica Ehd (drums, keyboards, vocals).

7 February 2015
ZA! visit Art & Language
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ZA! visita Art & Language – YouTube
ZA! visita Art & Language – YouTube
( CAS y ENG ☟)Si entre 1975 i 1976, el grup The Red Crayola va convertir en rock’n’roll els eslògans d’Art & Language fins a forçar els límits de la forma i …