Video MACBA. An Analysis of Audiovisual Images

Video MACBA. An Analysis of Audiovisual Images

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Eugènia Balcells, "Boy meets Girl", 1978

For secondary education and high school students

This project showcases a series of videographic works from the MACBA Collection that allow us to analyze how images in motion – cinema, television, video games, Internet, etc. – influence our perception and construction of reality.

The objective of the project is threefold: to consider these artistic works as tools for interpreting and analyzing our surroundings with a critical eye, to familiarize students with forms of narration that are distinct from conventional audiovisual language, and to make the students active viewers able to take in and critically interpret the profusion of images around us.

The selected works will open the discussion on the following themes:
Communication Media
Boy Meets Girl (1978), by Eugènia Balcells, and Rosler Reads Vogue (1982), by Martha Rosler.

Eye/Machine I-II-III (2001-2003), by Harun Farocki; Don’t Do It Wrong (2007), by Katarina Zdjelar; and El Reino: una novela para un museo (2003), by Dora García.

The Construction of Identity
La memoria interior (2002), by María Ruido; Double Bubble (2001), by Maja Bajevic; and The Buzz Club, Liverpool, England/Mysteryworld, Zaandam, Netherlands (1996), by Rineke Dijkstra.

During the discussion, we will not only focus on the message of these videographic works, but will also analyze their processes of production and perception. We will also offer a final exercise in the classroom to provide continuity to the initial reflections in the Museum: the creation of a storyboard in which the videographic medium becomes a tool for reflection with respect to the particular reality of each student.

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11 June 2010 – 30 June 2012
Video MACBA. An Analysis of Audiovisual Images
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