The City of Photographers

The City of Photographers

Photographic spaces at MACBA and the CCCB
in progress
La ciutat dels fotògrafs

This workshop offers a creative and reflective approach to photography starting with the relation between the practice of photography and the exploration of the city.

The activity takes place in three main phases. First we will visit the exhibition galleries at MACBA and analyse photographs belonging to the permanent Collection, with particular attention to the way photographers build their visions of the city.

Then, inspired by these references, we begin a photographic exploration of the architectural spaces of MACBA and the CCCB, and their immediate surroundings, through a practice that challenges the essential triad of photography (framing, colour and composition).

Finally, participants will choose and order the images, and give shape to their photographic projects.

The workshop, therefore, is constructed as an exploration of the photographic heritage and the expressive choices of photography, while proposing an investigation of the city as a public space through creative photography.

The photographs will be posted on the web, creating a photographic archive and a visual mapping of the city.

The workshop The City of Photographers is a joint activity of MACBA and the CCCB within the framework of Fotografía en curso (Photography in progress), a programme of A Bao A Qu.

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1 July 2013 – 1 June 2014
Price: 4€ per student
The City of Photographers
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