Tatiana Heuman

Tatiana Heuman

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Tatiana Heuman

Tatiana Heuman is a producer & drummer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. By 2014 Tatiana started developing her own unique style of producing electronic music. After two EPs released in 2014 and 2016, her first album is out in August 2018: QEEI released on ASTRO NAUTICO (NY). A multi-layered collection of deconstructed pop songs marked by stuttering percussion, chaotic microsamples, and infectious vocal melodies. QEEI does violence to borders through glassy ultrasound and entrancing hyperrhythms. There is a side of digital brutalism to the music as well as humanistic breathing synthscapes. Heuman experiments with the plasticity of personality, her “inner territory interacting with its own limits”. The result: “Wars”.


In its third edition, Lorem Ipsum persists in delving into the cracks and folds of both the musical and the ludic, intentionally articulated from the geo- and biopolitics of bodies and gestures. Where do we speak from? Who speaks? Perhaps we are moving away from the kind strangeness with which we operated on previous occasions, to articulate it politically: listening to new female voices, embracing otherness, (con)fusing sensibilities, temporalities and geographies… From the perspective of what is (almost or very) danceable.

18 July 2019
8:30 pm
Tatiana Heuman