Supervision of research projects

Supervision of research projects

Exclusive for high school students
in progress
Assessorament batxillerats 2014-2015

For the first time, MACBA provides the contents and resources for the planning, documentation and specific orientation of research projects. Following the parameters established by the high school students curriculum, the proposal is built around the artistic and architectural heritage of the Museum:

– Artistic reactions after the Second World War
– The fifties: architecture and design in Barcelona
– The construction of identity: body and performance
– Art and gender
– The role of photography in the image of the city
– Pop art in the Catalan art scene
– Language and poetic experimentation in the field of art
– Visual and performing arts: meeting spaces
– When cinema and video enter the museum
– From sculpture to art installation
– The eruption of sound in artistic practice
– Points of dialogue and conflict between art and architecture

This supervision is available for those teachers and students who require it. The choice of subject, research planning, tools for bibliographic documentation and the type of institutional support or tutoring will be agreed in each case according to the research subject, the initial objectives and personal interests.

1 June 2013 – 1 June 2014
Supervision of research projects
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