Subverting Minimalism on its own turf

Subverting Minimalism on its own turf

Seminar accompanying the exhibition "Rosemarie Castoro. Focus at Infinity"
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Rosemarie Castoro, Georgia Branch Dance, vista de la instal·lació al Mt. Berry, Geòrgia, 16 de juliol de 1974. Cortesia Estate of Rosemarie Castoro i BROADWAY 1602, Harlem, Nova York

In an interview of Susan L. Stoops with Lucy Lippard published in More than Minimal: Feminism and Abstraction in the 70s, the art critic defended the contributions of women such as Rosemarie Castoro and other artists of her generation to the ‘intermedia’ practices of the 1970s. In particular, what Lippard was emphasising was the contribution of women to Minimalism, a movement erroneously identified as essentially male.

This seminar coincides with the exhibition Rosemarie Castoro: Focus at Infinity, the first major retrospective of the work of Castoro in an institution, focusing on the period 1964–1979. It marks the beginning of a series of studies and public programmes centred on the need to rethink Minimalism, expanding it to include a greater range of artists and to question its accepted hegemonic view. As well as keynote-lectures on Minimalism and Castoro’s work, the seminar will include readings of the artist’s poems and screenings of Hollis Frampton’s films about the experimental nature of New York in the sixties, a milieu of which Castoro was part.

Tanya Barson, MACBA’s Chief Curator and curator of the exhibition Rosemarie Castoro: Focus at Infinity.

Estrella de Diego, curator and lecturer on Contemporary Art at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).

Barbara Held, flutist and composer who divides her time between Barcelona and New York, where she has been an active part of the experimental music community.

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11 April 2018
17 h
Subverting Minimalism on its own turf
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