Led by Laura Ginès and ‘A Home in Progress Film’, in collaboration with l’Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival

Habitació roomers have decided to make October the month of film. We will learn all about managing a script, creating a storyboard, being part of a shoot, the arduous task of post-production, and the mysteries of dubbing.

The idea is to take a fragment of a pre-existing film that has the obvious marks of a particular genre, and manipulate it by adding, reshaping and deleting elements and creating a new soundtrack, in order to turn it into our own film from a totally different genre; we may turn an animal documentary into a gangster film, a Western into horror movie, or science fiction into a period piece.

The results of all this work will be screened at this year’s l’Alternativa Festival, and may be posted on its website and on the Habitació 1418 site. So more than just a workshop, it’s a genuine audiovisual production.

This activity will take up the whole month in preparation for a big premiere at the l’Alternativa Festival in late November.

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4 October 2014 – 25 October 2014
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Habitació 1418 – YouTube
Habitació 1418 – YouTube
El MACBA i el CCCB proposen un nou espai d'activitat per al públic d'entre 14 i 18 anys. Habitació 1418 és un punt de trobada actiu que s'obrirà cada dissabt…
Habitació 1418 – YouTube
Pel·liculats (Film colectivo, BCN 2014) – YouTube