Open Systems

Open Systems

Artistic experimentation and scientific creativity
Hans Haacke "Condensation Cube", 1963-1965

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Open Systems is a project that offers secondary school teachers and their students the opportunity to collaborate closely in activities of hybridisation and convergence of the artistic and scientific practices. The objective is to find points of connection between artistic creativity and scientific experimentation through discussions and conversations between these two fields and their protagonists.

Coinciding with the International Year of Water Cooperation, we propose the subject of water as an open-ended starting point in order to investigate, create, experiment, invent, learn and above all share transdisciplinary perspectives around the subject.

Participating in this project will allow teachers to train with different agents from the world of scientific investigation and the world of art. To take the resulting debate into the classroom and use it to generate a collective multidisciplinary work. To enjoy the possibility of coming into contact with the areas of scientific research at the Universitat de Barcelona and the holdings of the MACBA Collection. And finally to share with all the other participants the different scientific and artistic proposals that have been elaborated.

The project proposes from the start a collaborative work between ‘expert’ agents from the scientific and artistic areas and the educational community, through meetings that will develop during the different phases of the project:

– Training of Secondary school teachers (in the fields of the arts and science)
– Class work (in parallel to teacher training)
– Final meeting to show in common how the proposals generated by the different working groups have materialised.

The support and follow-up by the Open Systems working group will be constant during the whole project.

Open Systems is a project that wants to break away from disciplinary barriers. To approach scientific investigation through artistic creation and vice versa. To experiment in a very wide, free way. To promote a critical reflection of scientific investigation, its aims and results, and to dissolve the hierarchies between experts and non-experts to foster the capacities of each group according to the philosophy of DIY.

An emphasis on the work process will be the key to this project of multiple interchanges. For this reason it will be complemented by the blog that will make the whole process visible and offer detailed information on the project.

This activity is produced by the Universitat de Barcelona – Barcelona Knowledge Campus Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Institut Municipal d’Educació: Programmes of Cultural Dynamisation and Promotion of Scientific Culture.

For more details on the project, please consult our blog at:

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12 December 2012 – 10 April 2013
Room 0 MACBA. Free admission. Booking required from November 12.   This activity is for secondary school educators.
Open Systems
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