Making the Invisible Visible (I)

Making the Invisible Visible (I)

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In a tarot reading about the past and the present of the CCCB, the Magician and the High Priestess have come up. According to the Tarot of Marseilles, both cards correspond to the heavenly parents of the hero: parents of a place that functioned as a hospice until the end of the 1950s. The stones that make up the walls of the CCCB embody the pain and suffering of their history as an orphanage, as witnessed by those who claim to have seen ghosts in their darker corners.

In this encounter, we will meet with Eleodora Nesua – artistic tarot reader who has worked with the tarot for a long time – in a participatory reading that will connect the visible with the invisible and create a bridge to another place that currently houses orphans at the far end of the old town, the Hortet del Forat de la Vergonya, which will be our meeting place in March for the second part of the activity. This vegetable garden is used and cared for by local families, and by recently-arrived Moroccan teenagers who survive in precarious conditions.

Coordinated by Christina Schultz

15 February 2019
19 h
Making the Invisible Visible (I)
Christina Schultz is a research-based, multidisciplinary artist, performer, and linguistic nomad. The word, written, sung, or recited, is the central axis of her work; it is the medium to create lasting relationships, collaborative processes, and performative-literary outcomes. She devises complex projects on socio-political issues in close, transdisciplinary exchange with participants, artists, and specialists. In her research processes, which are as important as the results, she uses writing techniques from literature, composition, and theater, which are offered and collectivized in workshops, seminars, or laboratories. Although the research results are process-dependent, they range between performative and audiovisual formats such as open rehearsals, readings, performances, theater scripts and publications, animated video works, and documentaries to address a broad audience. More information:
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Making the Invisible Visible (I)
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