Let’s talk about AIDS

Let’s talk about AIDS

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"Holocausto Psicoterapéutico". Santiago de Chile, década de los 90. Movimiento de Diversidad Sexual/ MUMS – Chile

Let’s talk about AIDS Anarchive with Equipo Re (Aimar Arriola, Nancy Garín and Linda Valdés)

The programme Let’s talk about generates discussions on the Museum’s exhibitions between the different agents and artists in the city and our regular public. It is a meeting point that regards exhibitions as powerful devices capable of activating the imagination and generators of discourses that often go beyond the preconceived readings of the institution or the curatorial team.

Under the general name of AIDS Anarchive, the collective Equipo re has been developing a research and production work on the cultural and social dimension of the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis in Spain and Chile, as well as on selected case studies from other Latin American contexts. This exhibition gives continuity to the project, taking into account the local context – the city of Barcelona – as a spatial axis, and the 1990s as a temporal axis.

17 November 2018
18 h
Let’s talk about AIDS
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