Go oral!

Go oral!

Oral Museum of the Revolution
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A l'oral!

What makes a voice intolerable? Its counter-indications? The discipline of the pronunciation? Is it the nation-state and its own language? Its polyphony?

Javier Peñafiel proposes to situate texts from the MOR archive, created by the PEI, in the multiple scene of the somatheque, obscuring the body and tone of the singular voice, to listen to them in their nakedness – volume. Listen with euphoria, with every possible volume, at numerous scales of breathing and conflict. The proposal reaches from the indiscipline of the speaker to the discipline of the translator and the scepticism of the mediator. It wants to reverse these procedures so that the voice is practised orally and revolutionised.

The workshop participants will be divided into groups of at least three. They can also be more to multiply the readings and, necessarily, proliferate them. We will play the texts with simple devices: from torches to the dim light of mobile phone screens or the screen-mirror of the voice.

Javier Peñafiel prefers to work on long-term projects such as egolactante (1997–2007), agencia de intervención en la sentimentalidad (1997–2001), and more recently Latido antecedente (2009–13) – books and notebooks amplified by multimedia collage and dramatised readings. Since 1997 he has produced: Escritorio, Mera coincidencia, Os acasos convenientes, Agenda de caducidad de los tiempos drásticos, (28th São Paulo Biennal), Locución Merkel Bachelet. His books and publications, Conquista básica, te vuelvo a pedir que te definas; CRU006 and No todo tanto are seen as co-laboratories. He also works on joint curatorial projects such as Voz entre líneas. He has written plays for video such as Tragedia de las corporaciones. Ignorancia (2000), Voz contraria (2009) and Palacio polifonía (2010).

3 December 2013 – 4 December 2013
Go oral!
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