Estadía de ser vacía

Estadía de ser vacía

Natalia Jiménez and Sergi Gómez. Experience MACBA
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Estadía de ser vacía

‘To propose a self-managed anarchy of the compositional work, like a labour revolt. To exercise a mystique of the proletariat. To become workers of movement. To embody a sonorous geometry, a hidden matter. To work with a communication system (body in the air/bodily sound). Unison, impulse, outline and memory as the basis of choreographic composition. Absent geometry to which the body submits.

Practice the memory of foreign bodies. Anything that is not and transforms. Create an intimate connection with that which is absent. Remain in the condition of the trace. Articulate the time lag with the present. Dig deep to get out on the other side. Let traces of sound and silence be imprinted in the memory. Traces of a hollow geometry. Geometry charged with energy and emptied of concept.’

Jorge Gallardo

9 April 2016
Estadía de ser vacía
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Estadía de ser vacía – YouTube
Estadía de ser vacía – YouTube
«Plantejar una anarquia autogestionada del treball compositiu, com una revolta laboral. Exercir una mística del proletariat. Ser treballadors del moviment. D…