Bonus Track

Bonus Track

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Bonus Track. Foto: Eva Carasol

Bonus Track is a new kind of educational activity organised by Avalancha, a collective with one foot in creative research and a proven track record as MACBA mediators. In line with the collective’s methodology, this programme steers clear of the traditional academic course format and does not examine contemporary art through different art movements, styles, and schools using the typical reference materials that formal education relies on. Instead, Bonus Track takes the artistic and visual output of a selection of artists working from the second half of the twentieth century to the present, and uses it to trace the conceptual and thematic evolution of contemporary art by means of all types of material, from fanzines from the sixties to today’s TV series.

Taking its name from the extra songs on albums, Bonus Track is designed as a continuous learning activity consisting of four sessions.

11 November 2015 – 2 December 2015
Bonus Track
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