Amereida Documenta 14

Amereida Documenta 14

Amereida. Documenta 14. Triball Kassel

«amereida – documenta 14» is the name of the publishing project that is currently being developed by the Escuela de Arquitectura y Diseño de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, as a way of collecting and sharing the recent work and the exhibition experience in documenta 14 of Kassel and Athens (2017). This presentation proposeds a relationship between what has taken place in documenta 14 and its aftermath both in the school’s own project, in Ciudad Abierta (Open City), and in the field of artistic practices.

Socialisation is an essential part of the process of realization of “amereida – documenta 14”. This socialization takes place in a cultural context capable of receiving – in different ways – an open creative work, which with each of its actions configures a total work that deserves to be debated.

Amereida Documenta 14
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