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Agnès Pe

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Agnès Pe

Agnès Pe works in sound beyond the limits defined by any musical genre. Her work is characterised by an attitude of overwhelming fun, covering the parameters of lo-fi music and plunderphonics, always looking for new ways to relate to the elements she recomposes through atonality, altered melodies and screeching textures.

Speedy classical, eurodancesymphony, melody punch, black-midi, happy slapped, terminal punk, humpatech, crossover thrash, non gender, mid-techno, hardlaptop and Powermid are some of the ways to define her music.

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1 October 2016
Agnès Pe
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Agnès Pe – YouTube
Agnès Pe – YouTube
Agnès Pe treballa en el so més enllà dels límits consagrats per qualsevol gènere musical. La seva obra es caracteritza per una actitud de diversió irresistib…