Acts of Speech

Acts of Speech

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Actes de la parla

On Thursday 5th and Saturday 7th from 7 pm, La Capella becomes a political and poetical theatre, in which minority languages are made audible. PEI students have collaborated with a group of artists and activists to collectively create a laboratory in which to reinvent the public sphere through speaking and listening. In contradistinction to the hegemonic model of the spectator as visual biped wandering in silence that dominates the modern museum, we offer a multiplicity of political subjects, bodies and languages, ways of knowing and experiencing that go beyond the vision and are constructed through conversation and touch. It is all about imagining the museum as a place to activate the processes that Félix Guattari called ‘molecular revolutions’.

Participants: Michael Roberson, Javier Peñafiel (Be oral!), Nadia Granados ‘La Fulminante’, Pedro Costa, Jaume Ferrete, Antonio Centeno and Enric Lluc. Post-op, Quimera Rosa, Lucrecia Masson, Virginie Despentes, Mount Zion Soldiers, Rut Castells, Guerrilla urbana de actos de habla, Radio Nikosia, Rafa Marcos, Mariokisme, Solange Jacobs, Los valones mexicanos, Jesús Jeleton, Luis Guerra and Helena Torres, among others.

5 December 2013 – 7 December 2013
Acts of Speech
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