2nd Expressart. Portable Museum Forum

2nd Expressart. Portable Museum Forum

Expressart. Museu portàtil

Following the success of the first Expressart – Portable Museum Forum in July last year, we now present the program for the second Forum, which aims to foster an exchange of experiences relating to the project. We believe it is interesting to allow those with hands-on experiences to explain them to their colleagues, along with the problems they have encountered, their personal adaptations in response to different contexts, how they and their students have used it, the enjoyment they got from it, the learning outcomes, etc.

Our idea with this Forum is to bring professionals involved at all educational levels together at a single event, because we are convinced that it will be an enriching experience for all involved.

16 October 2010
MACBA Auditorium. Limited number of seats. Free enrollment.
2nd Expressart. Portable Museum Forum
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