Accessibility Programme


The MACBA promotes an Accessibility Programme with the conviction that art facilitates integration and social transformation. Accessibility is addressed throughout the museum, from ongoing improvements to installations to the design of programmes that promote bringing art closer to all audiences with resources adapted to different needs. We work to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the spaces, activities and aesthetic experiences proposed.

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Apropa Cultura

Apropa Cultura is an inclusive network that connects theatres, concert halls, festivals and museums with entities in the social sector to make culture accessible. It offers a wide range of cultural performances and activities at affordable prices for people at risk of social exclusion or with disabilities

Apropa Cultura

Admission price policy

We work to facilitate access to contemporary art for local visitors. That is why we pay special attention to signing agreements with local collectives ranging from universities to charities and cultural associations to offer free or reduced admission.

The museum offers free admission to children under 18, persons with a large family or single parent card, over-65s with Targeta Rosa, the unemployed, disabled visitors and their caregivers, teachers with accreditation from the Government of Catalonia and other groups. The museum also offers a 50% discount on admission to accredited persons with Carnet Jove, Barcelona Public Library Network card, Ateneu Barcelonès, RACC, Zoo Club and other groups with signed agreements.

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In addition, the museum offers free admission every Saturday after 4.00 p.m.

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