Imagining New Europes addresses the way artists, individuals and institutions collaborate in the construction of shared ways of life at a time of precariousness and uncertainty, yet rich in new forms of knowledge, poetics and dynamic practices.

This initiative has been conceived as a space of public visibility, in which a dialogue can be established between the experiences of the various Spanish territories: a dialogue characterised by their transformative capacity to use art and culture in order to perform social imaginaries that reflect the complexity of contemporary challenges from a position of empowerment, empathy and respect for differences. These processes are defined by their situated nature, linked to the specific contexts and territories in which they arise, yet capable of resonating on different levels and in different places.

Imagining New Europes includes eight programmes from seven Spanish cultural institutions: lo vivo · lo pueblo · lo jondo - Geopsiquias del Albaicín (La Madraza , Granada); Fábrica de cultura popular del Albayzín (La Madraza, Granada); De/tra(n)s (TEA, Santa Cruz de Tenerife); Mobile Garden (MACBA, Barcelona); Poliglotía (IVAM, Valencia); Laboratorio de arte y pensamiento. Zona de contacto: Reparar las crisis (Es Baluard Museu, Palma); Museo Situado (Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid) and AMAonline (Artium Museoa, Vitoria-Gasteiz). 

Given the collective and participatory nature of these projects, Imagining New Europes offers a multitude of voices in different languages and different accents to translate the power of a plural society undergoing profound transformation, while sharing the common tools of art and culture.

Imagining New Europes invites us to reflect on what, how and who these projects are for through the use of the word and the image. Aware of the difficulty of representing collective processes, we include a brief capsule where you can hear the protagonists describing each of them. Additional references and links give access to further materials and specific information.

The texts, the selection of images and the production of the capsules have been made possible thanks to the collaboration between the team of Imagining New Europes, artists and individuals involved in the different programmes and the staff of each institution.

Imagining New Europes is a collective programme curated by Jesús Carrillo and promoted by the Coordinating Office for the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU.


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