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“Photo Collection” was first launched in 1997 and, since then, it has been exhibited in several venues that range from the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to the Apex Art in New York, to the former Sala Metrònom in Barcelona, or, more recently, in 2015, at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. The project emerged, in the context of Technologies To The People, under the appearance of a philanthropic activity: a real collection of images (using technical feature of browsers, that is, the cache storage) that explore the possibilities for representing the human body in all aspects. Some of them are already part o our imagery; they even seem to allude to some of the great masters of photography; others, in turn, come from photographic subgenres such as pornography, popular photography or forensic photography, dissolving any hierarchic interest. This action- that precedes later “archival” practices, passing from the immaterial to the material- questions the original authorship of every image, its origin and property. -- Àngels Barcelona

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TTTP Photo collection
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