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A la pàgina web dels editors: "Tonto Comics is a project of the artists’ collective Tonto Since 2000 Edda Strobl and Helmut Kaplan have pursued the project Tonto Comics, since 2003 Michael Jordan has been correspondent in Sweden and Germany, since 2010 also Simon Häußle. Tonto Comics is a platform for “ImageText literature”. Tonto sees itself as part of a network of groups scattered throughout Europe that have chosen the medium of “comics” as their field of examination. Tonto’s peripheral position in the German-speaking countries means at the same time a nearness to Europe. Berlin is as far away as Belgrade. The groups are, for example, Komikaze (HR), Le Dernier Cri (FR), Electrocomics (DE), Canicola (IT), Stripburger (SLO), Kuti and Glömp (FI), Kush! (LT), Chili com Carne (Portugal), Mirada (IT). The books are published in the respective national languages plus an English translation as lingua franca". -- Cada número té un títol i format distintiu.

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