4 fulls, 18 desplegables, 2 opuscles, 1 targeta : il. col. ; en capsa de 50 x 41 x 5 cm
A la capsa: "ART MEETING PLACE was started in May '74 by the Artists Meeting Group to provide an open resource for artists run by artists. Over the last two years, a method of organisation, based on weekly open meetings, has evolved and is still evolving. During this period several hundred individuals and groups have used facilities at AMP for exhibitions, performances, meetings and other activities. Art Meeting Place is an open resource for artists, musicians, film-makers, poets etc, which is controlled by its users. Anyone may apply to use the space for exhibitions, performances and meetings. AMP NEWS is produced every three weeks to publicise these events (free to callers, subscriptions 50p for six issues ).
AMP hopes to move to larger premises in the near future so that the range of facilities can be enlarged and extended. Open meetings are held at AMP every Thursday at 8 pm. -- Hi col·laboren: Michael Druks, Bruno Demattio, Anthony Howell and the theatre of mistakes, Susan Hiller, David Coxhead, John Blandy, John Latham, Paul Sibbering, Annabel Nicolson, Tom Puckey, Dirk Larsen, Keith and Marie, Bill Lundberg, COUM, David Medalla, Steve Pusey, John Dugger, Collective Actions, Amikam Toren, Paul Burwell, David Toop i David Mclagan. -- Sobre el full de la capsa hi ha dues anotacions manuscrites amb els noms de dues persones.

Fitxa tècnica

Pertany a:
Col·lecció MACBA. Centre d'Estudis i Documentació
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(1974 N1-6)(1975 N7-17)(1976 N21-23)
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M’agrada treballar amb allò que s’acostuma a dir "herència cultural", però els materials que faig servir són molt banals, com clixés, com blocs de sucre, portes, cuscús, catifes, documents oficials.
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