Miguel Trillo
Cadis, Espanya, 1953
última actualització
Born in Jimena de la Frontera, Cádiz, in 1953, Miguel Trillo may, after spending more than three decades taking photographs, be considered the privileged witness of an era. During all that time, and with steadfast resolve, he has documented the evolution of the young urban tribes of Spain from the Transition towards democracy until now. His photos have been included in the most innovative publications of the last quarter of a century and make up a collective portrait of the still-incomplete process of Spanish society towards the normalisation that would enable it to be considered an advanced 21stcentury country. Trillo began in professional photography in the 1970s by experimenting with "fantastic photographs" of a Surrealist bent and by creating invented compositions. After this he edited the legendary fanzine Rockocó and concentrated on photographing urban landscapes, as yet in black-and-white. Trillo formed an active and at the same time discreet part of what became known in the 1980s as the Madrid Movida, recording the participants of the latter, as well as those on the London and New York new wave scene, and photographing the media icons of the day.
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