Editorial Lines

MACBA exhibition catalogues are a record of the exhibition projects programmed at the Museum, and explore their critical discourses.



Josep M. Martí Font, Muntadas, Paul Schimmel, Suzie Aron, César Trasobares, Vicent Todolí, John Mason, James Wines, Néstor García Canclini i José Luis Gallero

The MACBA Collection, the backbone of the Museum, starts off with works produced in the second half of the twentieth century and steers a course through the key developments in contemporary artistic creation, while at the same time contributing to the activation of critical memory. A range of publications regularly present and update different aspects of the MACBA Collection.

Muntadas. Between the Frames: The Forum


Anne Bénichou, Muntadas


The MACBA rounds off its activities with a cultural and educational programme that bridges all of the Museum’s lines of work. The flow of thought generated by the seminars, lectures, film programmes and other activities is made available to the public through this series of books of essays.

Folding the exhibition


Núria Gallissà, Maite Muñoz, Marta Vega


The Contratextos collection is the result of a collaboration between MACBA and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). It is designed as a platform for publishing texts from the seminars, courses and lectures held at the Museum. This collection offers a series of reflections that are fundamental for institutional critical practice and a theoretical framework for rethinking the relationships between art, education and the social sciences. Click here to see all available titles in this editorial line.

De animales y monstruos


Xavier Antich, Manuel Asensi Pérez, Lars Bang Larsen, Ximena Briceño, Jeffrey J. Cohen, Pilar Pedraza, Anne Sauvagnargues


Desacuerdos is a collaborative project involving several Spanish cultural institutions, which set out to track cultural practices, models and counter-models that do not correspond to the dominant structures, policies and practices that have prevailed in Spain since the transition to democracy.

Desacuerdos highlights the points of dissonance and contamination inherent to a highly complex cultural process, in order to counteract the inertias of the dominant historiography and suggest possible openings for future research.

Desacuerdos 8. Sobre arte, políticas y esfera pública en el Estado español. Crítica


Juan Albarrán, Paula Barreiro López, Jesús Carrillo, José Díaz Cuyás, Beatriz Herráez, Rocío Robles Tardío, Nacís Selles Rigat, Daniel A.Verdú Schuman, Jaime Vindel

Sèrie Capella MACBA is a collection of publications in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) that is distributed free of charge on the internet. The texts offer a new insight into artistic production in the framework of the installations on show at La Capella MACBA, all of which share a common denominator: they were specifically produced to be exhibited in this particular venue. The texts are presented in downloadable, printable PDF format. This series is supported by Edicions de La Central, and is also available as a print edition at La Central bookshop, for 4 euros.

Quaderns portàtils (Portable Notebooks) is a collection that is distributed free of charge on the internet. In general, the texts are based on lectures and seminars that have been held at MACBA, as well as exhibition catalogues that are currently out of print. The texts are published in downloadable, printable PDF format. The text layout is designed to allow different kinds of binding, from basic stapling to Japanese binding, so that the end result can be similar to a conventional publication.

Miralda! «Une vie d’artiste»


Pierre Restany


Quaderns d'àudio (Audio Notebooks) is a collection based on texts relating to RWM programming. The objective of these publications is to complement the lines of work developed by the radio through the critical edition of hard-to-find works that are important for understanding and delving into sound art.

The texts are presented in downloadable, printable PDF format. The text layout allows different forms of binding, from basic stapling to Japanese binding, so that the end result can be similar to a conventional publication.

From the soundscape meme to self-awareness


José Manuel Berenguer

Índex focused on artistic research, thought and education. The journal aimed to generate theoretical texts in order to contribute to the renewal of culture, and to provide a test bed for the construction of a new critical language that encourages thinking through art and from the perspective of art.

The journal Índex was released biannually in May and October and distributed free of charge in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. It can be consulted online.

Índex number 2

Tardor / Otoño / Autumn, 2011

Xavier Antich; Yto Barrada; Cristina Freire; Daniel Heller-Roazen; Hassan Khan; Marie Muracciole; José Antonio Vega Macotela

Recent Titles

  • Índex number 1 Franco Berardi; Nataša Ilić; Chus Martínez; Reza Negarestani; The Otolith Group; José Luis Pardo
  • Índex number 0 Bartomeu Marí; Christoph Menke; Chus Martínez; Piotr Piotrowski; Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab; Julie Ault; Natascha Sadr Haghighian; Xavier Antich; Johanna Burton